[Welcome] New Members for July 28, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Tiffany Amber Brotherton
Lawrence, Kansas. USA


I am just getting started selling my jewelry this summer, begining a
website on Artfire for online sales to begin before selling to
stores.I graduated from Missouri State University receiving my BFA
in metals/jewelry in 2007 studying under Sarah Perkins, she truly
made me love becoming a metalsmith. I am lving in Lawrence Kansas
for now, hoping to attend Kansas University next year to receive my

Kal Horsfall
Kal’s Return Jewellery
Leominster, Herefordshire. UK

I fell into jewellery making quite by accident nine years ago and
have been making a living at it ever since! I’m not under any
illusions about being the world’s greatest artist but I thoroughly
enjoy what I do and have met some really lovely people along the way.
I think I probably enjoy making the tiaras best of all because each
commission is different and I’m meeting people at a very happy time
in their lives. I’m lucky enough now to have a studio on site so when
I’m not in there, we live fairly self sufficiently, so I can be
found, somewhere in the garden,tending our crops. It certainly beat
working for a living!