[Welcome] New Members for July 25, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Kirk Stephan
Iowa city, Iowa. USA


I’m a semi-retired lapidary and jewelry designer living and working
with indigenous peoples of the mining areas in remote parts of
Mexico. I teach gemology, gem carving, and marketing of precious
stones to these marvelous folks.

Nyx Blalock
Asha Beta
Philadelphia, PA. USA


Sculptor/Jewelry Designer-Maker, originally from NYC now working in
Philadelphia, PA. See site for bio, lookbook, art portfolio,
current events and online shop!

Aldo Ramirez
Dos Tigres Designs
San Diego, CA. USA

I have doing art all of my life, about 15 years ago I started doing
stone wire wrapping this progressed into unique chain and beading
designs. A little more than a year ago I joined the San Diego
Mineral and Gem Society and started taking classes on Lapidary,
Basic Silver Fabrication and most recently rock carving. I really
enjoyed the challenges that making jewelry presented so I invested
in tools and put together a workshop in my basement where I work on
my silver designs as well as my rock carving. I am influenced by
primitive designs and ethnic jewelry, I like working with heavy
gauges and what would be considered tribal primitive body
decorations, in particular for stretched earlobes, nose piercings
and labret piercings.

I am constantly researching and reading about techniques and
designs. I try out new things and incorporate them in my work. I
would like to learn more about graving, casting, chase and repouse.
I am looking forward to using the resources in this site.