[Welcome] New Members for July 24, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Marlene Joan Posner
BocaRaton, Florida. USA

Hi I am a multimedia artist now focusing on metal clay,enameling on
silver and copper clay.I am also interested in all types of beads
small and large,making them into wearable art.

Blanche Herring Scharf
Art Jewelry by Blanche
Williamsburg, Virginia. USA

I began working with PMC in 2004. Since then, I have taken
instruction from Linda Kline and CeCe Wire in that medium and from
Mark Nelson thorugh Rio Grande in basic silver soldering. Much of my
learning has been through trial and error and just working with
materials. I enjoy the creative process and have sold my jewelry at
a local gallery and at local art/craft shows. My husband and I travel
often and I treasure the times when I’m at home in my studio. I am
looking forward to sharing my work and also having an opportunity to
ask questions of more experienced jewelry artists. We have only
lived in Williamsburg for a year and I don’t have a community here/
someone to discuss the craft and share ideas.

Mairi Thompson
Prague, Czech Republic

I am a BA(Hons) Design graduate in Silversmithing and Jewellery from
Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. I have recently moved to Prague,
Czech Republic and I’m now planning to set up in business as a

Stephen Delius
Mount Juliet, Tennessee. USA

Having merely dipped a toe into the world of fine jewelry, I’m
hungry for more. I have tumbled stones and made pendants and
earrings with them from silver wire, but little beyond that. I’ve
made items in iron using both a green coal forge and cold-working
steel wire. My only experience with soldering is repairing a few
electronics, though. I love learning older methods for doing things,
crafting items myself, and learning to work with new technologies.

Robyn Leigh Olm
Viridis Jewellery
Ottawa, ON. Canada

I’ve been stringing and wireworking for a few years, but am a newbie
with silverworking. Right now I’m setting up a home studio, and hope
to learn much from other folks on the forum. Nothing will make me
happier than to finally get these designs out of my head and into my