[Welcome] New Members for July 23, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Marsky brunold
Los Angeles, ca. USA

I am a ceramic artist who recently began working with PMC. I love
the immediate gratification of the medium as opposed to lengthly
process and sometimes unpredictable results of ceramic art. I have a
wonderful collection of designer silver jewelry (courtesy of my
husbands good taste when gift giving), and a great appreciation of
the designers that made the pieces I have received over the years.
I have gotten amazing compliments on my creations from friends and
strangers and have been inspired to pursue the craft of jewelry
making as a result.

Charles Coughlin
San Jose, Costa Rica

I am a CAD jewelry designer in Costa Rica. I use Rhino and
T-Splines to do most of my work and currently outsource the
prototyping, mold and casting work to other companies. I am
interested in bringing these functions in-house, but need good
advice on what machines and software to purchase. I am looking
forward to learning much more about these techniques from other

John Burford
Hillview, IL. USA

I have been working with rocks for about a year now (making cabs). I
now want to try silversmithing. I have done some basic wire
wrapping… Currently this is just a hobby…I still have to hold a
regular job to pay for the hobby.

But working with the rocks and wire is relaxing to me.

Jorge Bolivar Quito
Bhj jewellery
Richmnond hill, Ontario. Canada

I have 39 years experience in the jewellery busines, my experience
is mostly with large jewellery manufacturers.

Joey lynn Butler
Smyrna, GA. USA

I am very new to jewlery making but have been in the arts for years.
I have a passion for jewelry and hope to develope my style and skill
level to produce designs that make people smile.