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[Welcome] New Members for July 22, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Robin Duffy
Melbourne, Victoria. Australia

I have been interestd/involved in jewellery making for many years on
a hobbie basis. I made and sold my work for about a year at a local
market for twelve months some time back. my main design influences
originaly were symbolic laced withn a little lunacy.I do not know
what else to say other than hello!

Daniel D Clark
Dan Clark Designs
Scarborough, ME. USA


My name is Dan, and I have been making jewelery for about 5 years
now. I have been primarily working on my silversmithing skills for
about 3 years. I currently run my own business, Dan Clark Designs
(original, I know) as well as work in the service department at a
local jewelry chain. I have been lurking around the archives for
some time now, and thought that it was about time I actually joined
in the conversation. I’m looking forward to "meet"ing all of you :slight_smile:

Sarah C Wright
Joyeria Sarah
San Anselmo, CA. USA

I’m a goldsmithing greenhorn forging in my basement workshop. I’ve
dreamed of doing this most of my adult life, so am thrilled to be
finally learning and meeting some fantastic teachers along the way.
My favorite materials are gemstones with beautiful imperfections and
18k gold. Ganoksin is an invaluable resourse that I refer to often.

Kelly Anne Garland
OZ Jewellery Architecture
Toronto, Ontario. Canada

I’m presently a jewellery student at George Brown College, Faculty
of Design in Toronto Canada and will be graduating in 2013. In
addition, I self study and develop my skills through various
educational channels and hours at my home bench.

This is a new career for me, after a lengthy career in human
sexuality education and retail ownership. My goals are to become an
inspiring and dedicated metal artist.