[Welcome] New Members for July 22, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Patrick John Dunne
Dublin, Ireland

i am a self employed polisher/plater. i worked for myself for 30
years i polish/rhodium plate for the trade in ireland i also do hard
gold plating watch bracelets ect all enqueries wellcome

Mary Izett
Brooklyn, NY. USA

I am a beginning jewelry maker in Brooklyn.

Frank Spencer
Hantsport, Nova Scotia. Canada

Jewelry is an interesting side hobby for me. I am “officially” an
electronics technician. At least that’s what the certificates say. No
money in the business anymore, and I fell back on previous training I
received from my grandfather as a locksmith. I make a lot of my own
tools, and discovered along the way that much of what I do is very
similar to techniques found in making jewelry. As my grandfather
always said, “It never hurts to expand your knowledge.”