[Welcome] New Members for July 14, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Alexis S Kuney
Alexis Sebastian Design
Santa Monica, CA. USA


I am the owner of a small jewelry business Alexis Sebastian Design
that I started about a year ago. I love designing jewelry and
helping people spice up their look and make a statement with

Lauren P Cook
Auckland, New Zealand

Hi there, I am still a baby in the jewellery world despite being in
my early 30’s. I have done various short courses, a diploma and am
curently doing an advanced course in jewellery design. My jewellery
education has been a bit higglety pigglety because I had my twin
daughters five years ago and as I’m sure many of you will know, small
children don’t mix well wth home workshops! Origionally from NZ, my
partner and have have returned from 6 years in Scotland to settle
back in Auckland so I am launching myself as a professional jeweller
now that my girls are starting school. I have already found the
Ganoskin a valuable resource and look forward to learning and
sharing a lot more as my career progresses.

Bill Chia
Hallett Cove, SA. Australia

My interests are in metal smithing, enammeling, mokume gane and
japanese lacquer technique, electro forming

Rosamond Bain
Orleans, Ontario. Canada


Hello, hello! I’m a newbie to many aspects of jewellery making but
have fallen hard for anything requiring heat and a hammer. I’m here
to learn!

Rosemarie Elisabetha Kliegman
Rosemarie Kliegman Designs
New York, NY. USA

I am a hobbiest attempting to turn artist and professional
metalworker. Just beginning metalwork and have all the equipment I
need. Experimenting and finding my technical way and my style.