[Welcome] New Members for July 14, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

William Lockett
Pennington Trees
Austin, TX. USA

I work with copper

Sherry Simone Tinsman
Sherry tinsman metalsmith
Lumberville, PA. USA

I have been a jeweler for 20 years. I work mostly with sterling
silver and 14k gold highlights. Dogwoods and Roses are my signature
pieces. I hand fabricate my jewelry and some pieces I send out for

James Henry Revell
Bettendorf, IA. USA

Old school jewelery hand fabricator

Lisa Morris
Chattanooga, TN. USA

Hi! My name is Lisa Lane Morris, and I am a largely self-taught
jewelry designer/metalworker who aspires to be a better one! I am
currently a hobbyist really, working out of my home studio in
Chattanooga, Tennessee. My outlets for sales have been varied over
the years, from local art/crafts fairs, home shows and a gallery or
two, but my only outlet right now is my etsy store-
www.lisalane.etsy.com. My business name is Lisa Lane. I love making
jewelry, but I am quite busy in my life as a mother, and I work
outside the home part time as well. I feel frustrated at times in
this artistic pursuit, since I cannot devote all the time I need to
to really excel, and I am rather inefficient. I hope to learn from
your members and glean about how they live their lives
and do their art in a way that is successful. Thank you for this

Many Regards,
Lisa Lane Morris