[Welcome] New Members for July 13, 2011

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Please welcome our newest members…

Maja Zalewska
Santa Clara, CA. USA


My name is Maja (pronounced Maya). I started to work with metal in
2010. I’m learning all the time.

Sarah J Payne
A Touch of Creative
Enumclaw, WA. USA

I love beautiful, shiny, glorious things. I had a big interest in
rocks I found as a child. I love that the earth can save a time lime
of sorts. In junior high when my creative juices started flowing I
found beading. BEADS BEADS BEADS!! I love makingbeautiful things! I
always had my jewelry as a fun little hobby for gifts and such all
through high school. I got busy and ran out of time for hobbies.
About 7 years went by and no beading:( My mother was diagnosed in
2007a with Breast Cancer and I became her primary caregiver. One
latenight I was looking for something to occupy my time and calm my.
mind, and there they were!! After 4 years focusing on anything I
could make pink for the Breast Cancer awareness I decided to go in a
more business type direction. I have been really pushing my
abilities, creativity, and sense of what is fashionable and in style
for a little over a year and now I own my own business. I do shows
and fairs a little but am actually opening a boutique that will have
many things but will feature my jewelry! I am hoping for success!!