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[Welcome] New Members for July 11, 2010


Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

John F. Codianni
Jewelry Designer
East Hartford, CT. USA

I have been in the Jewelry business since 1985. Most of my
professional work involved custom designing in platinum, gold, and
silver. Extensive background in fabrication, wax model
making,rendering, and metal forming. I am a graduate Gemologist with
20 plus years in sales, training and customer service. I enjoy
working with customers one on one to create that moment, their

Craig A Moshier
El Paso, TX. USA

Simple man that was always interested in jewelry making. I was just
recently (Aug 2009) diagnosed with an imune deficiency disease that
killed my Kidneys, gave me Blood clots and infected my lungs… 1
out of 30,000 people get this disease and I was the “lucky” one…

Because I was bedridden and in a wheelchair after that I started
messing with making jewelry for my 7 yo daughter… that got bigger
because people wanted to buy some of it… well… I need income, I
love jewelry, and sooooo… I am learning how. Simple stuff for now,
but, I am working my way up I guess.

Pin Heads, Clasps, bead and line caps… tools I had never had
before… I am moving slowley but at least I am moving upward. I
have not started my web page yet but am working on it as we speak…
(can I say that??? LOL!) Anyways, I want to learn all I can so I am
good at what I do.

Hope I can pick up even the slightest bit of what you Pros know and
then I will be better.

Blessed Be,