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[Welcome] New Members for July 1, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

Maya M Bahns
Cortland, NY. USA

I am a young jewelry designer. I have attended the Fashion Institute
of Technology for Jewelry Design and am trying to break into the

Diana L Jarrett, GG
Knoxville, TN. USA

trade journalist, writer for consumer publications, author and
editor to the jewelry and gemstone industry

Katherine Gleiter
Gemological Tools
Newport beach, California

I have been passionate about this business for along time! I have
worked in some many different aspects of the industry primarily in
sales, wholesale, retail etc. and some expert witnessing and
appraising. I am an alumnus of GIA and Duke University. Recently, I
started a little company named Gemological Tools that offers people
with gemological equipment they no longer need a fair price and
people in search of equipment at fair prices to buy. I repair and
refurbish everything I offer to “like new” condition, I guarantee
all of the Gemological Microscopes for three years and I provide a
100% satisfaction guarantee with no questions asked. I do this
because like all of us, I am a mixture of artist and scientist and I
am passionate about our industry.

Michele Stewart
MikiCat Designs
Coconut Creek, FL. USA

I’m a rather new jewelry designer, attempting to teach myself many
different disciplines from wire wrapping, to chainmaille, to beading
and on in to metalsmithing, the hardest for me to master on my own.
I currently create what I can as inspiration strikes me. My designs
are ever changing, often on e of a kind, and rather illustrative of
my learning processes. I work with a partner who got me hooked on
this particular art media hence the Cat in MikiCat. She’s a behind
the scenes type of person, but I don’t hold that against her. As
long as she keeps inspiring me to do better and better. For now, I
can use all the help I can get. And love to share what I’ve learned
with others.

Judy Ech
Makati city, Philippines

i work for a designer and he has diversed to jewelry designing. i
now work closely with goldsmiths. gold jewelry making is totally
alien to me and i am doing personal research to better understand
the process. im a class A newbie but i am hoping to learn much from

Kathrin Schoenke
Platinum Solutions
Cliffside Park, NJ. USA

My company KNS Consulting LLC, Platinum Solutions is specialized in
providing consultancy services to the platinum manufacturing and
fine jewelry industry. We assess manufacturing equipment needs, we
suggest factory set-ups and review blue prints for loss prevention
and manufacturing optimization.We also provide advice and
on-location assistance to solve manufacturing problems, and trouble
shoot casting defects or other manufacturing related challenges.
Another service of our company is working with designers with no or
limited platinum experience and guide them in understanding the
specific attributes of platinum and how to design for this unique

Jason Marchiafava
Dancing Designs Jewelry
Bethlehem, PA. USA

My work is a reflection of my lifetime pursuit of the highest forms
of metal adornment. All my work is hand sculpted,carved, and
fabricated from sheet and wire stock under a microscope. I prefer to
express myself through a small hand held chisel.

Aaron Miller
Sturgis, USA, 49091

I have been collcting rocks and gems at the age of five years old,
and now I am about 25 and just finished a graduate program to be a
bench jeweler. I really love this type of work! I also like a bunch
of other things but I am not wanting to type anymore. haha


Please welcome our newest members!

Rebecca Mabry
Vallejo, CA. USA

I have my G.G., A.J.P, and graduate pearls certifications from
GIA-Carlsbad. I am still going to school to be a bench
jeweler/jewelry designer. That being said, please excuse any
ignorance in my questions.

Adam Garret
Mary Ann Archer Designs
Harbor Springs, MI. USA

I am a fairly new designer who has joined forces with my mother Mary
Ann Archer. I have some training in jewelry but most as an
Industrial Designer. I really like to work in wax and fabricate as
well. I have also had training in engraving from master engraver
Christian DeCamillis, and have been engraving for the past couple of

Andy Wise
Textile Buff & Wheel Co.
Charlestown, MA. USA

I am the owner of a company that has been manufacturing buffing
wheels for over 60 years.

Kelly L Barker
Earth Girl Metals
Plymouth, MI. USA

I live in the Ann Arbor, MI area and am looking for other local
members for networking.

Kenny McArthur
South Auckland, New Zealand

I am a manufacturing jewellery in New Zealand.I worked in the UK for
10 years. I now free lance with a small client base.I work from home
and a bench space at a local jewellers.Love most of all mounting
coloured stones especially the unusual.

Rebecca Shoemaker
Bent & Twisted
Bethlehem, PA. USA

I’ve been wire working for 5 yrs using SS and 14k GF. I’m interested
to learn more about making my own lampwork beads, SS and gold
sodered jewelry. I’ll take any help I can get !

Kathy Gould
Santa Rosa, CA. USA

Hello. I took various classes in jewelry/metalsmithing over 15 years
ago. After experimenting with collage, mosaic, mixed-media jewelry,
Photoshop and whatever shiny object caught my attention, I’m looking
forward to dusting off my equipment and getting back into making
metal jewelry.

Graham S F Mitchell
Oswestry, Shropshire. UK

Making jewellery from wood and semi-precious and
objets-trouve. 2 or 3 local exhibitions/sales in the North Wales
border region per year.

Gee Backhouse
Rock Water Studio
Agel, France

An energetic and enthusiastic optimist! I like the idea that
jewellery is of symbolic significance to the wearer as well as a
beautiful creation.

Thomasean Britten
Flint, MI. USA

A begining jewelry maker. I am interested in learning everything I
can about jewelry making. Hopefully, I can be an instructor for
beginning beaders someday.