[Welcome] New Members for January 9, 2011

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Please welcome our newest members…

Betty Vogel
Rancho Mirage, USA

I have been designing jewelry for a couple years now from high
quality precious stones, wire wrapping, chaim maille, etc. - all one
of a kind pieces and always on look out for the unusual components.
Recently started metalsmithing - have taken a few courses to get me
started but am mostly self taught, as evidenced by my extensive
library. Current project is a wide band ring for my son; it is
proving to be quite a learning experience.

Mary Barker
Los Gatos, CA. USA

After 30+ years of corporate life as a banker, marketer and database
programmer, I have decided to follow my dream to make jewelry. I
have been an Orchid member for 10 years and have been making jewelry
as a hobby for that time. Thanks to all in advance for your help,
support and advice as I turn my hobby into a business!

Dave R. Porter
Chilliwack, B.C. Canada

I am basically a self taught novice/intermediate silversmith jeweler
who wants to gain more knowledge of the art/trade. I have made a
fair amount of custom sterling and gemstone rings pendants and ear
rings, but have sold few. I have a lapidary unit for making
cabachons, and have just recently purchased a rolling mill. I am 50
years old with not much expectation of retirement, so I would like
to sharpen my jewellery manufacturing and repair skills to
suppliment my income some day. I want to work with more gold, but am
frightened off by the cost of gold.