[Welcome] New Members for January 7, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Polly Smith
Mesa Arts Center
Mesa, AZ. USA

I have made jewelry, metalwork and sculpture for 25 years. I teach
and manage the jewelry and metalsmithing program for Mesa Arts
Center. We offer classes and workshops in a wide variety of metal
techniques in three beautifully equipped studios taught by a variety
of visiting and resident artists. Visit MesaArtsCenter.com for
comprehensive or for jewelry info only,

Derek Smart
Smart Manufacturing
Mansfield, MA. USA

Just keep moving, and look busy.

Matthew E. Whitehead
Sebastopol, CA. USA

I’ve been in the jewelry industry since 1985. I’ve been a bench
jeweler for 20+ years. I like trying the less used and differant
styles of making jewelry. Right now I’m working with a new designer
making her first line of jewelry. Using her ideas and some of my
experiance it will be fun developing the line, especially in this
time technology and hard economic times.

Ian Andrew Carrington-Day
Metal Graffiti Jewellery Workshop
Bedfordshire, UK

Hi I am Ian and I have been playing around with Metals, wood, stone
and to be honest whatever comes to the fore, for many years now.
Originally trained as an engineer, but always with a mind to 3d art,
I have made steel framed buildings, staircase and balustrades,
machine parts and stainless control cabinets, to say the engineer in
me least! All the while I made Jewellery, I remember my first piece
of silver, me and a mate years ago, didn’t dare to touch it for days!
now on ethinks nothing of throwing as much of the molten or red hot
stuff about…eh? Well over the years, (20 I have now been registered
with the Goldsmiths Hall)I have worked, full time in 2 commercial
workshops, apprenticed in the first, as such, on merit of some work I
presented as a self educated craftsman, so they took me on and it was
that they were one of the largest commercial repair shops in the
country, so as you do, I learned from some of the best with a Hatton
Garden history from the boom days. Well coupled with my deeper
interests in mind I recall I was the only member of the jobbers (
theer wer 5 at one point, 2 bosses, 1 secretary, 1 gemmologist part
time and one extra help with background. Very good pro education, and
now I have taken on a lovely little workspace, 2 floors,
power-a-plenty, facilites and secure…

I will be posting pics as soon as the bench isn’t merely leaning on
the wall as I am moving in as I speak.

Talk soon.
Ian Carrington-Day

Lory Campos
Craig, CO. USA

I have been away from jewelry for a couple of yrs. Getting back into
it and have allways love this site

Robert C Moyer
Carousel Antiques
Holmes Beach, FL. USA

I am semi-retired and have been taking Jewelry design and making
classes for the past 3 years. I enjoy both traditional silver
fabrication as well as PMC work. I am constantly searching for new
challenges and view this as an opportunity to be exposed to a
broader base of experts, all with ideas that will stimulate my
creative juices.