[Welcome] New Members for January 5, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Terri Lindsey
Bacliff, Texas. USA

I want to learn silversmithing and goldsmithing

Shaela Cook
Los Angeles, CA. USA

I’ve been playing with stones and beads as an on-again, off-again
hobby most of my life. About a year and a half ago, I decided to take
the plunge into metal smithing and have been actively taking classes
ever since. I just got a real torch (have been using a micro torch at
home) and am sooo excited by the possibilities it opens up. In short,
I’m a newbie, but a very serious and excited one. :slight_smile:

Reuven Kassai
R and P Kassai
New York, NY. USA

I am a 34 yr old Jewelery and silver designer, I design custom
pieces for customers, in both antique and modern designs.

I work out of My family antique Gallery in Manhattan. I have been in
the business of arts and antiques since 1988. I have worked in the
diamond business, as both a diamond cutter, as well as a buyer and
seller of rare colored diamonds. I was a member of the Diamond
dealers Club while I was in the diamond business. My website is

Take a look, see what u think

Dojan Zincirkiran
Sydney, NSW. Australia

I’m a practicing apprentice Jeweler from Sydney Australia.

Jessica Winzelberg
San Francisco, CA. USA

New jewelery designer