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[Welcome] New Members for January 4, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Tarun Adlakha
Indus Valley Commerce
Ghaziabad, India

I run a small mining compay dealing in amongst other things the
finest agate gemstones…dendritic agates fromn our mines are
considered the best in the world and have a place of pride at some
of the finest museum and private collections across the world…
World defy a proper description of these stones but I love calling
it poetry in stone…trust me, these are the most amazing stones you
would ever see…rare than pink diamonds…unique as unique can be…

Reinaldo Forbes
Turks and Caicos Islands

Hey. New to the jewelery world, haven’t made anything yet. Got
interested in it not too long after I got interested in horology,
last year. Hope to learn much!

Myriam Davin
Gatineau, Quebec. Canada

Hello, I love learning from Orchid, it helps me to do a better job. I
make jewelry for 30 years but there is always something to learn.
Thanks orchid

Davinder Singh Rana
MD Exporters
jammu and kashmir, India

We are manufacturers and exporters of quality wholesale silver
jewelry with semi-precious color stone from India. Our product range
includes Necklaces, Earrings, Pendants, Rings, Bracelets and more.
Our high quality, reasonable prices and quick turn around time make
us an excellent choice for an importer anywhere in the world.

Please welcome our newest members!

Joyce Hrapsky
Austin, Texas. USA

I have been beading jewelry for 6+ years and have recently started
fabrication with sterling silver. I also do lapidary work and a
little bit of gem faceting.

Veva Dale Bailey
Vevadale’s Gift Shop and Jewelry Shop
Dayton, Nevada. USA

I have made my own jewelry since 1953 using my Mother’s old costume
jewelry. I refurbish costume jewelry and well as assemble premade
sterling silver findings and create costume jewelry. I had an
opportunity in 1994 to become an Silver Smith Apprentice from Richard
Byrne and have never looked back. I am still learning, and hope to be
able to pass on my knowledge to younger people. I have taken lapidary
and jewelry creation instructions at Modesto Jr. College from The
Motherlode Mineral Society, in Modesto, CA. My Sister,Julia and I
also have I also have a shop for my
lapidary equipment and I am in the process of getting the equipment
set up. I also like to rockhound, gardening, crocheting, genealogy
and traveling.

Mark Thurm
Southbury, USA

I am self taught and have been making fabricated jewelry for a few
years.I enjoy using different techniques. I mostly work in silver. I
recently bought a kiln that is temperature controlled.My Cloud Dome
has greatly improved my pictures which i will send soon.

Amy Rogers
Chapel Hill, NC. USA

rookie jewelry designer in chapel hill, NC