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[Welcome] New Members for January 3, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Elizabeth Tivol
Kenosha, WI. USA

I started making metal jewelry about four years ago, and am largely
self-taught. Most of my recent work has involved etched silver or
copper, and I am currently experimenting with enamels.

Elaine Feather
Huntington, York, UK

Hi, I have always loved making things, most of my artistic out put
has been in the form of sugar flowers.I now want to move on to make
things that will last a little longer ! I have always been attracted
to anything that sparkles,and when I had the idea of making phone
charms as wedding favours for my daughters wedding…I was hooked,
and realise I should have stared making jewellery years ago ! I work
almost full time as a nurse, so don’t have too much spare time. As a
complete beginner I think this web site will be of great benefit to
me, there is so much I need to learn !I am trying to get information
on tools and setting up a little work area.Any advice will be very

Laura Jay
Bangkok, Thailand

First of all, I would like to introduce our company!

We are a new wholesale silver jewelry on-line shop, located in
Thailand and able to deliver our goods worldwide. right now we have
some great offers. Please visit us! Each feed-back from your side is
highly appreciated!

With kind regards,

Lisa Beavers
Chapel Hill, NC. USA

I am a jeweler in what spare time I have. Metal clay, wire, sheet,
gemstones are all featured in my work. Modern design, by my hands.