[Welcome] New Members for January 25, 2011

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Please welcome our newest members…

Claudia Patricia Orozco
Patty Jewel’s
Bogota, Colombia


Hi, I live in Bogota, Colombia, a lovely country with all type of
climates and scenarios.

I have being doing hand made jewelry and beaded accesories as a
craft money earning activity for the last 4 years.

Milan Leko
Collingwood Ontario, Canada

Hallo Orchidians ! I have been learning from this forum for long
time, and have stopped for a while, due to my retirement and
consequent moving, and all that! glad to be back Milan Leko

Jenn McLoughlin
Chandler, AZ. USA

As an artist, I have always wanted to create a jewelry line. I plan
on using CAD/CAM software to create my designs. I’m currently
researching my options, and figuring out what it will take to start
my business. I look forward to becoming part of your community.

Stacy Lawrence
Carlsbad, USA

Beginning Jewelry Maker

Greg Dolkarian
San Francisco, CA. USA

i am now trying to learn cad