[Welcome] New Members for January 24, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Ian E Knowles
Nassau, Bahamas

I Have been a Jeweler scene 1985 I love what I do I am a stone for
Diamonds International

Jean A Van Brederode
Charmed I’m Sure
Mechancisburg, PA. USA

As an artist, I have found copper and enamels to be the most
thrilling media I have ever used, allowing me much variety in color,
form, & texture. It is not unusual to have these art materials guide
me to their end form! To experience the results of combining glass
powders on copper or steel and transforming them in a 1500 degree
kiln is an incredibly satisfying adventure! No two pieces are ever
exactly alike & each creation has a special gleaming personality of
its own!

Art has always been a part of my life in one way or another; now it
is my passion and driving force. Soon after I retired five years
ago, I started going to art retreats and workshops in order to find
an art form that would bring excitement into my life each and every
day. I feel very fortunate to have taken one introductory enameling
workshop from a fabulous teacher to introduce incredible personal
satisfaction into my life! I knew when I felt comfortable calling
myself an artist and enamelist that I had finally reached my goal!

What I love the most about the process of enameling is that it lends
itself to rule breaking and experimentation and offers endless
possibilities for creating incredibly unique works of art. My work
is constantly evolving and because of that, will never lose its

The vast majority of my work can be found in my Etsy shop, Charmed
I’m Sure - charmdimsur.etsy.com. Other outlets include the Village
Artisans Gallery in historic Boiling Springs, PA.
~http://www.villageartisansgallery.com, the Carlisle Arts Learning
Center ~ http://www.carlislearts.org/, and als o the Hodgepodgery in
Harrisburg ~ http://thehodgepodgery.com/.

Teaching was my profession prior to retirement and comes quite
naturally to me. So that I can share the joys of this marvelous craft
with others, my hope for the future is to conduct project-oriented
private or group enameling classes in my newly built enameling studio
with optional lodging avail able in our beautiful private wooded
setting in South-Central Pennsylvania.