[Welcome] New Members for January 24, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Jo Ann Walker
Magnolia, TX. USA

Retired RN management…seeking jewelry making skills now. Have
done some hot fused pendants, glass bead lampwork and some metal.
Especially interested in doing and learning more about wire wrap.

Julia Denegre
Dallas, TX. USA

I love creating

Larry Dean Morrill
Scott City, MO. USA


Susan P Drake
Su-Real Creations
Bowling Green, OH

I am a mostly self taught jewelry artist. I have been working for
about 5 years now and mainly work in silver. I enjoy recreating
antique silver flat ware into jewelry. I am hear to learn!

Denis Jack Gallagher
Sonoma, CA. USA

I work as a carpenter and i decide to take a jewelry making class.
My uncle was a great jeweler and was going to teach me but he past
recently. I really enjoy creating and helping people express
themselves. In my class i learning alot about metals in general and
I am finding I will be able to create other things besides jewelry
for the person like light fixtures and other decrotive objects for
my current job. I am really excited about this journey and my
teacher recomended this forum.

Heidi Florhaug
Voss, Norway

Hi. Trained as a godsmith, I have produced, repaired, created,
opened and closed a line of silverjewelry and are now challenged by
teaching position introducing metals to 16year old kids. I would
like to meet other people engaged in the many aspects of metal and

I’ll start by saying I am not one of those who minds typos… but
have to say I just loved this one in the most recent list of new

Trained as a godsmith

Never thought of us quite that way [vbg] - kind of cool!

Beth Wicker