[Welcome] New Members for January 23, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Kate Obrien
Obrien Designs
Sudbury, MA. USA

I work primarily in silver, and enamel on fine silver, and have
recently started working with gold-filled and bi-metal due to
customer interest in affordable gold alternatives. Looking forward
to gaining insight on a variety of topics from the Orchid Digest.
Thanks! --Kate

Tina Brown
Camms ltd
Cambridgeshire, UK

jewellery student interested in how to create patinas especially for
Mokume Gane and find an alternative to baldwins patina riogrande. As
I am in the Uk.

Dr. Gerald Lynn Vaughan
Vaughan Studio
Knoxville, Tennessee. USA

While maintaining az career as a research biologist and university
professor, I have maintained a parallel career as a sculptor. I own a
foundry and cast bronze and aluminum. I have been doing this for 45
years with considerable success in juried shows and gallery sales. I
have taught a university art course (with a colleague) which we
maintained that art and science are almost identical, since both are
modeling systems used to explicate our experiences with the real
world–one subjective and one causal in nature. This is a simplistic
statement of my views but one than can be readily supported. I have
directed several students who did thesis projects in art and have had
several apprentices who joined my studio to learn foundry techniques.
I must point out that I did not neglect my research and teaching in
physiology and ecology (only a few acquaintances knew of my dual
life). I am now Professor Emeritus in Ecology and Evolutionary
Biology. Over the decades I have been interested in gem stones and
have collected many. I am now designing and fabricating jewelry in
silver to showcase I both construct pieces from sheet
silver and wire and cast my original designs. I must admit that I
cannot resist shining metal, bright colors and organic shapes. I have
always sold through galleries but hope to have a vaughanart website
within the near future