[Welcome] New Members for January 23, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Nancy Lee
Ndesigns Metal
Indianapolis, IN. USA

I have been creating in metal for about ten years. In Fall 2008 I
decided to take my passion for making jewelry and turn it into a
full-time career. It was kind of easy because I lost my job as a
project manager in the commercial construction field and it didn’t
look like a job was likely to reappear any time soon. This is all
for the good.

My work tends toward the organic, however there is a lot of
structure to it. It is often described as minimalist. It is often
more about the metal than anything else, however, I use
semi-precious stones and found objects to tell my stories too. My
best work evokes an emotional response and that is a true reward. My
work is body-conscious and very wearable. I have a great deal of
respect for the human body and like my work to compliment the
wearer, allowing the wearer an opportunity to express their
originality and individuality. I love what I do and would do it for
free if I could (and I som etimes do).

Linda Kast
Kalmbach Publishing Co.
Waukesha, WI. USA,


I work with creative people, publish inspiring pieces of art
jewelry, and strive to make publishing a better, more beautiful
format for sharing the best ideas.

Matt Sederberg
T-Splines, Inc.
Provo, UT. USA


My company makes a plugin for Rhino that enhances its abilities to
create organic jewelry.

Naweed Alam
Gems TV Limited
Redditch, UK


Im a Marketing data analyst for a uk jewellery shopping channel

Nancy Marie Fortune
Saint Stephens Church, Virginia. USA

I am a Lampwork Artist. 34 year old mom of 3… And a newbie at metal

Sarah E Daniels
JQ International Magazine
Van Nuys, CA. USA


I am the Executive Editor of JQ International, a U.S.-based trade
magazine that focuses on trends in fine jewelry around the world.