[Welcome] New Members for January 21, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Loretta Westbrook
Dreamday Ventures
Las Vegas, NV. USA


I have been making jewelry for many years and finally did a website
this year. I am relatively new to silversmithing, and am very
interested in becoming more knowledgeable about forming and
fabrication to achieve greater dimension in my work. I joined this
site mainly to help me in that aspect.

Emma Stockwell
Campbell, USA

First love: lampworking Second love: combining the lampwork beads
with plastic and silver to create jewellry…eventually! I have a
basic knowledge of silversmithing, and have recently learned the
joys of PMC. I wish I had more time, for all of this, but at least
I’ll have a workshop soon :slight_smile:

Yod Cardi
London, UK

I am a self employed jeweller. I would like to pick up some tips
from other jewellers and perhaps I might be able to pass on some of
my tips as well.

Tom van Oudenaarden
Utrecht, Netherlands

Hello, I’m a student goldsmith in Schoonhoven, Netherlands. The
school for jewelers, gold- and silversmiths in the Netherlands. My
current profession is professional bodypiercer.

Cabrina Jean Channing
Nevada City, CA. USA

I have been fabricating jewelry since i was in early highschool. It
was offered as an elective in which i excelled and continued to
graduate an intensive course at Revere academy of jewelry arts. Since
then ive worked for many jewelers but am happy finally working for
myself. i am always looking for new ways to manipulate metal. i hope
i can find inspiration and new ideas here.