[Welcome] New Members for January 21, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Mitzi mobley
Jacksonville, FL. USA

Just getting started. Have lots to learn.

Heidi Jo Hess
Washington, DC. USA


Jewelry Artist and Shop Owner

Cindi Shearer
Peaceful Heart Creations
Grand Ledge, MI. USA

I’ve been learning silversmithing for the past year and have
recently set up a business to sell what I create. I love the process
and want to continue learning new things and perfecting my technics.

Suzette Broussard
Houston, TX. USA

I am a beginner in jewelry making. I’m interested in many areas. I
have no formal education in jewelry making. But I have taken a few
classes in wire working, polymer clay, precious metal clay, and bead
stringing. I appreciate your site very much. Thank you

Wilma Travis
Wilmas Whimseys
Crystal, MN. USA


I am a lampwork artist who also incorporates my beads into jewelry
that I design. I am also interested in wire working, chain malle and
vikling knit as well as learning about gems of which I have none as
yet. I love all aspects of jewelry making and designing and look
forward to participating in this group. Wilma

Patricia Campbell
Quincy, MA. USA

Just starting out

Mark O Douglas
Mark Douglas Designs
Fenton, MO. USA

Hi, I’m not sure what to say, so I will start with a little history
of myself. I have been in the jewelry business since 1979. I started
out as a polisher for a one-man shop. After working there for
approximately a year, i had a wanting for more and went off to a
jewelry school (Gem City College in Quincy, IL). From there I worked
in various repair shops untill 1989, when I opened a jewelry store.
I owned the store for 14 years and it was very profitable, but I
felt like I needed a change, so I sold it to my employees. Then for
the next two years (while under a noncompete) I persude hand/gun
engraving. Now it is five years later and an old customer of mine
opened a Jewelry & Loan. We just opened 12-10-08. Three years ago I
purchased a cad/cam milling system by ArtCam/Jewelsmith. I also
purchased three Gravograph engraving machines- a LS900 laser
engraver, an IS400 rotary engraver and an IM4R inside. The one big
thing I learned is I have a hard time trying to learn everything. As
a craftsman I wanted to be able to anything myself. I found when
ever I tried jobbing out work, the quality wasn’t there. Well There
it is in a “nutshell”, so if I can help anyone, let me know.

Penelope Guttman
Phoenix, AZ. USA

Signing up for a second time after IS provider changed e-mail
address. Truly appreciate all who so generously share their

Cynthia Woodford Cameron
Glass Is A Gas Originals
Syracuse, NY. USA

Hello, I started Glass is A gas in 1996 making hand painted crystal
and glass ware. It has always been a hobby as I was a banker by day.
I retired from banking after 30 years and have been a financial
planner for 5 years.

I have always been a jewelry fanatic and have always loved silver,
crystal, and unusual pieces. I do juried art shows with my glass and
there I have had the opportunity to see a wide range of jewelry
artists. I wanted to do jewelry myself in the worst way but I didn’t
know how to start. As my jewelry collection started to grow, the
pieces started to break. I said to myself, you can do this! I ended
up going to a bead shop and purchased the supplies I needed to make
my repairs, along with a few other goodies. I was given a few quick
lessons on crimping and jump rings and I was on my way.

It has been a hugh learning curve for me, doing it mainly on my own.
This past summer I took a PMC course and fell in love. I think I
have come a very long way in a short amount of time. I plan to take
the certification class for PMC in March. I also intend to take
metal smithing. The main obstacle I have is I am doing this on a
shoestring. I said I was a financial planner but what I didn’t say
is I haven’t made any money at it for the last year! It is a tough
second career and the financial crisis has made it worse.

I have a good eye for design and color and I am “artsy” I am willing
to learn new things. I like edgy yet tasteful and dramatic. I am
trying to soak up everything I can and hope to learn from this
group. I have a web site on Etsy but I have not sold anything on it.

I have a following for my glass and those same customers have loved
my jewelry.

I am lucky to have a small studio in my home. I am married with one
grown daughter, one grown granddaughter, and 3 puppy people. In fact
we are al dog lovers.My daughter has 5, and my granddaughter has 2.
I have a Shit Tzu, and 2 Chinese Crested hairless dogs. They look
like characters out of Dr. Seuss and that fits my personality. The
Chinese Crested dogs help me in the studio, as they like to be glued
to me. I live in Syracuse, NY, the snow capital of NY. We have had
over 100 inches of snow this year and I love it! However, did I
mention I have hairless dogs? Yes they have almost as many clothes
as I do and certainly more than my husband. I dress them in clothes
and coats, my husband snow blows for them, we carry them out, and
man, do they work quick!

My husband and I have a small camper trailer. Where else do you stay
when you have 3 dogs? My dream is to do a few juried shows for my
jewelry. I still love my glass, but I am too old to drag it to
shows. Think packing up your kitchen and moving it in and out in a
weekend! This past July I had a booth at a downtown art show and
sold almost as much jewelry as I did glass. I do go on. I’m sure
nobody will take the time to read this, but it was fun doing a
little recap of my crazy path.

William M Heineken
Heineken Design
Kansas City, MO. USA

I am a self taught artist, designer, and craftsperson. I build
sculpture, and furniture mostly, but currently my work keeps getting
smaller and smaller. Bill