[Welcome] New Members for January 20, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Mary A Barnes
Eagle’s Find
Woodland, WA. USA

I took a course in metalsmithing at San Diego Community College in
the early 90’s and have been hooked ever since. I am mostly
self-taught but hope that in the near future I can start taking
workshops to take my work to the next level. Some call my
silversmithing a hobby but it is much more than that to me. I don’t
work at it full time but along with quilting it is part of myself
that I hope to keep working at the rest of my life. It is a passion!

Debbie Smith
Fernandina beach, USA

I am a jewelry designer but have been out of it for a couple of
years. Now looking to soak up some new knowledge and get back in the
swing of things.

Marilyn Mastine
Montreal, Quebec. Canada

Ive just begun a jewelery fundamentals course after many years of
wanting to.Ihave a small collection of minerals and stones,I am
often making small wire trees with semi precious stones for leaves-I
make the surrounding environment out of paperclay or cold porcelain