[Welcome] New Members for January 19, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Hannah Smith
Loughborough, UK

I have been making jewellery for many years now and am always
looking for new techniques or new ways of doing things.

Ed Paul Gorchinski
Venice, Florida. USA

I consider myself a chainmaille artist. Recently I have been
expanding my skills to planishing/metalforming.

Brendan White
Gypsum, Co. USA

I have worked at a jewelry store in Vail, Co. For 26 years
specializing in Pave’ Diamond setting. I also have my own line of
"Nature Inspired Jewelry" that I sell in various galleries and
stores around the US. All of my jewelry has been designed by me & is
solely created by me in my studio from start to finish. I am
experienced in all aspects of the design and production of Silver,
Gold and Platinum jewelry. I am always looking for new outlets for
my jewelry. I am also looking to do Pave’ diamond setting or any
other type of jewelry work.