[Welcome] New Members for January 19, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Michele Agenlian
Arlington Heights, IL. USA

I am really just very interested in the art of jewelry making and
design. I am more like a frustrated artist who never pursued my
passion because of fear of not being able to make a living.
Unfortunately as the story goes, now in mid career I am extremely
unsatisfied and actually have never been able to make a decent
living anyway and so now I only regret still more not pursuing the
arts to begin with. But alas there is still hope and a forum like
this. Would love to find an apprenticeship opportunity where I could
learn and develop in the Bay area ideally. I made several pieces
years ago at a community college and have never forgotten how it felt
to create. I actually even had a bench at one point but never had
the time or the resources to follow through. Have always been
artistically inclined and would like to follow my bliss while
there’s still time…

Anthe Wosczyna
Little Muse Designs
Sierra Madre, USA

Hello. I am a jewelry designer who integrates beadweaving with wire
and metal work. As with my ceramic art, I’m drawn to creating
intricate pieces on a very small scale. I’m a sponge for information
and love to learn new techniques!

Leah Miles
helston, UK

Artist creating one off jewellery pieces from found papers combined
with precious metals and

Michelle Bari Ross
Sherman Oaks, CA. USA

I started jewelry making using PMC, and recently branched out by
taking classes in silver smithing. I’m doing it for enjoyment, but if
someone wishes to purchase any of my jewelry, I’m up for that! I just
want to learn as much as I can, and this forum looks like a good
addition to my library.

William R Howard
Longmont, USA

A beginner metal smith wanting to become more than an hobbyist.
Attending community college and having a great time learning.