[Welcome] New Members for January 16, 2013

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Please welcome our newest members…

Catherine Arkin
Sacral Adornment
Croton, NY. USA

Sacral Adornment creates jewelry for the sacred human body in this
terrestrial world.

Adornment is a form communication, and it is silent. Yet, humans
have had the ability to speak this language for hundreds of
centuries. It is my wish to translate this expression in the 21st
century using precious stones and metals from the Earth to proclaim
the divine and creative spark within us.

I launched Sacral Adornment in 2010, and have discovered that I love
learning about jewelry. I am happiest when at the bench, learning
from those more experienced than I, or immersed in a self-guided
project. I am influenced by human existence around the world, and
the links that join us to the divine.

Abigail N.D Walker
Westbury, Wiltshire. UK

Started working as a jeweller in September 2011 on an apprenticeship
scheme. Qualified in design support. After completing my
apprenticeship I have now began learning setting skills.

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