[Welcome] New Members for January 16, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Hal Redvers-Jones
The Whitby Jet Heritage Centre
North Yorkshire, UK

I have been involved in the restoration of Victorian Jewellery with
a special interest in Whitby Jet for twenty years. I am interested
in the high level of competence that the Victorian carvers achieved
in the 19th Century and have striven to emulate that level whilst
adapting the techniques to the vast range of lapidary tools available
today (and earning a living). Even after this length of time I try
to learn something new every week. I have recently developed a
consuming interest in pietra dura and the complex inlay of the
Ashford black marble of Derbyshire. However my research is limited by
the lack of knowledge out there…until today perhaps?

Cathy Abbie Cardwell
Kingston, TN. USA

I have worked for about 35 years as a silversmith/goldsmith. I would
like to join your group because I occasionally have a question about
smithing and have been told this is a good forum for