[Welcome] New Members for January 15, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Terri Kiplinger
Heron Moon Designworks
Lower Lake, CA. USA

B.A. in Art, University of Alabama, 1987, focus in printmaking born
1959 and am 50 years old, now disabled/self-employed, making &
selling one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry since 2006 self-educated in
basic skills including stringing, wirework, simple soldering and
other metal fabrication including piercing, texturing, forming, and
cold connections; also work with polymer clay hope to pursue
education in more formal and traditional (bench) techniques also have
designed award-winning art quilts and enjoy photography and “digital
painting”; interests also include animation, painting, and sculpture

Tisha J Abrahamsen
Andre glass
Seattle, WA. USA


I studied glass and jewelry techniques at California College of Arts
and Crafts with Marvin Lipofsky (glass) and Alan Revere (jewelry). I
have been working with glass for over 25 years in one form or
another. Currently, I create hand blown glass jewelry and wholesale
my work. I blow and pull tubing, cut the tubing into individual
beads, fire polish each bean then design and create my collection of
jewelry. I have had this business for over 3 years now. I also
create my own personal work using lampworking techniques to create
limited edition artistic jewelry and one of a kind pieces. I live
and work in Seattle Washington, am married with 2 children.

Jennifer Fay Fraser
Moggill, Qld. Australia

I live in Brisbane, Australia My jewelery making is largely focused
on making one-off pieces using investment casting with natural
materials such as leaves and seed pods so as to express in silver
and other materials the natural environment that surrounds us and
gives us a sense of place and belonging.

Beyond my basic silversmithing knowledge which is no better than
average, my major interest is in casting. I now have my own studio
setup with a kiln, crucible furnace and vacuum casting machine. My
interest is in developing effective techniques of combining wax
working with natural materials to produce sound and aesthetically
effective works of art.

Carolyn A Buss
Carolyn Buss Jewelry
Lynnwood, WA. USA

I am a college student, continuing my education in art and jewelry. I
aim to get a BA in Studio Art - Jewelry/Metalsmithing withing two to
three years. I live near Seattle, WA and would like to teach jewelry
someday. Helping someone else understand what making jewelry and
metal pieces is extremely fulfilling and helps me become confident
in my knowledge.