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[Welcome] New Members for January 14, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Mark Judy
Sterling Jewelers Inc.
Akron, OH. USA

I am a corporate trainer whose primary client consists of bench
jewelers and polishers. While my work is primarily focused on
management skills rather than technical training, keeping grounded
in my client’s core business helps me deliver the best programs I

Adele Suniga
San Antonio, TX. USA

Hello everyone. I am fairly new to silversmithing so I’ve got a lot
to learn. I live in San Antonio and have only found a few places
that offer any type of metals classes. I’ve got a lot of practicing
to do. It’s great to know there are so many people who share their
knowledge and expertise. Thanks so much! Adele

Elsa Reyna
Chicago, IL. USA

Jewelry making enthusiast. I’ve done some metal smithing and worked
with polymer clay. I’m anxious to improve my amateur-level skills
and to learn more about PMC.

Jane Fallon
Fallston, Maryland. USA

I am an eager, interested, beginner in the art of jewelry making. I
am a trained chef that has recently closed a successful catering
business after 30 years. I continue to explore the creative aspects
in life. Jane Fallon

Karin L Salomon
Pacific Grove, CA. USA

A beginning metal arts student at our local JC, which has wonderful
instructors. and am coming from a background of beadweaving.
Branching out to make my own components !

Harla A Hagen
Wild Harp Design Studio
Mesa, Arizona. USA

I am first a silversmith, but I also love casting and enameling. I
have had some college education with fine arts as my major. While I
have been exposed to fine arts in general and silversmithing in
particular all my life, I am still growing and evolving. My business
is fledgling,and growing slowly, especially in our present economy.
However, I am remaining positive and persistent. I am presently
working on a baby spoon for a new baby in our family. I love
forging, but I have by no means mastered the skills needed. I
appreciate Ganoksin’s and look forward to participating.

Deborah Dyer
Duluth, GA. USA

Hi, I’m a fledgling metal artist, currently taking my first
silversmithing courses and am a Level I certified instructor for AC.
I’m finally reaching the point where I have enough time to really
pursue the craft seriously and find that I’m becoming pretty much
obsessed with the endless opportunities that working with metal

Frances E Strathern
Franny’s glassart jewelry
Calgary, Alberta. Canada

I am a student at the Alberta College of Art and Design majoring in
jewelry and metals. For years I have been interested in the ability
to create what is seen in the mind’s eye.

Julie Mann
JEM Designs
Wyncote, PA. USA

I’m relatively new to jewelry-making and metalsmithing (about 2
years). I work in metals (mainly silver, copper and bronze) and in
kiln-formed glass.