[Welcome] New Members for January 12, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Tai J Salisbury
Jkalika Designs
Minneapolis, MN. USA


I am a rather new jewelry artist, I have been in field for about 5
years. I work in a jewelry store as the lapidary specialist doing
mostly repair work, but I also teach wire working, lapidary and
fusing. I am very focused on furthing my education and experience
and improving my line of jewelry in my own personal business. I love
working with stones, but I am really enjoying learning more about
working with metal.

Kyla Yungst
Sarasota, USA

I am intersted in learning the mechanics of jewelry making. I am a
ceramic sculptor and have lost my passion in this medium. I am
asking for guidance on how to begin this search to determine if this
is in fact for me. Any suggestions in terms of where to go would be
helpful. I have been in contact with New Approach and they suggested
I post on this site. Thanks

Ginevra West-Foyle
Portland, OR. USA

A beginner in jewelry making who is interested in reading what more
advanced jewelers have to say.

Alice DeGraff
DeGraff’s Studio
Courtland, VA. USA

I love creating!!! I have just started metal smithing and have a
lot to learn. Trying to learn on my own. I am so excited about
finding this site. I know it will be very helpful to me.

Jyoti Kaustubh Apte
Ethereal Jewellery Private Limited
Mumbai, India

I would like to describe myself as “An artist at heart & an Engineer
by profession”!

I am interested in developing innovative product lines in silver,
gold & colostones, diamonds. I would love to discuss & explore a
variety of manufacturing processes used for jewellery making. I am
also keenly interested in researching about the traditional methods
of jewellery manufacturing.