[Welcome] New Members for January 11, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Dianne M Quilty
Port Charlotte, FL. USA

I work full time as a fiscal analyst for my local government, but
I’m also a degreed artist who has taken- and still taking silver
jewelry classes at my local visual arts center. I’m itching to learn
more but at a pace that can accommodate my limited time. I’ve been
trying to focus on silver forming and forging, I’ve made a sterling
pendant with cabochon, silver earings, 2 bangle bracelets and a
cuff. Very basic stuff.

Carol Shooter Shooter
Alpharetta, Georgia. USA

Hi, I recently began taking my jewelry hobby to a few craft fairs
and trunk shows. I love fashion and I love to share my creations
with others. I work with rustic, vintage, up-cycled and modern
materials and semi-precious gemstones to create unique,
vintage-inspired, boho chic pieces.

Patrick Naish
Stoke on Trent, UK

I am a largely self-taught jewellery maker, recently reconnected
with the art and craft after a gap of too many years. My work is in
sterling silver, titanium, brass and copper. Titanium and copper are
heat coloured.

I am currently making mostly earrings and pendants. I am drawn to
design pieces that are about lightness, movement and colour. Most of
my inspiration comes from the natural world, interpreted mostly in
abstract shapes. Many of my recent drawings and pieces have been
about migrations, birds or fish moving through skies or water.

I definitely need to benefit from the experience and skills of
“proper” jewellery makers in the Ganoksin community!