[Welcome] New Members for January 11, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Ellen Fitzpatrick
Arlington, TX. USA

Married, work at home with husband, making jewelry approx 3-4 yrs,
have fabulous 6’x16’ studio bult by my husband. Probably middle of
the road intermediate in skills, took metalsmith classes for about 1
1/2 yrs (once a week). I like to learn on my own, books, videos,
trial by error. I have always created things, sewing (I don’t like
to use patterns) clothing, drapes, pillows, comforters, etc. Homes
interiors for myself & clients & several remodels. My big love is
jewelry. I started making large, contemporary statement pieces with
sterling and/or copper because I couldn’t buy what I wanted. I love
it! I need to market my work, utilize my website and sell online
possibly thru a well know venue that connects w/my website or use
only another venue that has a large audience. ccellenfitzpatrick.com
is my website

Chris Young
St. Louis, USA

After taking some classes in metalsmithing, I have decided to commit
to educating myself as well as searching for a way into working as a
metalsmith one day. This site is loaded with from many
skilled people so, obviously, this is the place to be.

Susie Starr
Westmount, Quebec. Canada

I have been making bead and wire jewelry for about 1 year. Many
years ago I made silver jewelry, but have not soldered in 35 years
and want to start up again as well as do more PMC (I’ve only dabbled
there too). I have found many sources for education and do not know
where I would be best to start. I am anxious to begin… Susie

Pamela Teubig
Caxias, Portugal

I have always been interested in jewelry. Finally I fulfilled a
dream and started a course in a school here in Portugal. So far we
have covered basic techniques and I love that we are learning the
basics. I found this web-site a tremendous source of and
knowledge and would like to actively participate.

Billy Larson
Toivola, MN. USA

amatur silversmith looking to learn

Robert D Ayres
RACAR Casting
Barrie, Canada,

For the last twenty years I have worked with metals. After studying
Jewellery and Metals in college I worked for 15 years as a
designer/model maker for pewter gift manufacturers. After studying
tool and die engineering I also worked for a short time as a
machinist in an effort to broaden my knowledge of metals and metal
manipulation and fabrication.

Though I was pleased that my work for pewter manufactures showed in
stores across Canada as well as the National Aviation Museum and the
Canadian Parliament Buildings I was left with the need to shake off
the shackles of design and material limitation.

I now work as an independent metal smith creating one off and custom
jewellery designs from gold and silver that include traditional and
non traditional metal fabrication and manipulation techniques well
beyond and including that of the cast piece.

I look forward to the challenge of incorporating into my work the
new techniques I come across here and thank the other members of
this site in advance for sharing their knowledge.

John G Holbert
Feb & Gar Design
Westminster, California. USA


A combined effort of two, my business partner and I building a dream
by collecting, learning, and working really hard so we may be
afforded an opportunity to create many inspiring applications of
design through the use of precious and semi-precious gems.

We opened our store in the spring of 2007, only several months later
was the world to witness the housing market start to break down. We
continued our journey in designing, not losing our focus, mailers,
telephone calls, private showings we continued to build our store
and watch a dream become a reality.

In the midst of the financial implosion, one wonders, when is that
one sale that can take you to the next month going to happen. This
is when we know we’re doing it right, cause it always comes around.
Today you have to adapt and re-adapt concepts of service, price
negotiate, never lose yourself, steal or cheat but do leave the
pride at the door. As a saying I remember my father saying in the
60’s and 70’s cash is king.