[Welcome] New Members for January 10, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Deb Langen
FG Designs
Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada

Hello My name is Deb I’ve been a metalsmith for over ten year.I work
with gold & silver. I also have been doing my own lapidiary work for
the the last 2 years. I also like to designs with pearls I emport form

Tina Pena

Previous architecture student. Obsessed with design and have goals
of being a full time jewelery artist.

Rebecca M Ganoe
Norwalk, CA. USA

I love jewelry design and I’m currently a student at the Fashion
Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA.

Syed Muhammad Saleem Zia
Shahnaz Gul & Company
Ballwin, Missouri. USA

I am new in the field of precious metals, gems and stones. Presently,
I am working as an independent contractor (gold buyer) with a gold
buying company but soon I would like to start my own jewelery
business. On the basis of my technical background, I am confident
that with the help of orchid members, it would not take me long to go
through all the facets of this business.

John F. Moe
Alpha Arts
Noblesville, IN. USA

Hi, I am John located in the middle of Indiana USA. I am age 77
tomorrow and am a new creator of cabochons - just finished my
twelfth. I have done brazed metal wall hangings and decorative copper
garden art as well as photography, a bit of pottery making, and some
jewelry. It is my hope to acquire a gem faceting machine in the near
future. I am mostly retired so these endeavors are primarily as
hobbies although if it turns out that they can pay for themselves, so
much the better. I welcome contacts with other craftspeople and try
hard to answer all emails promptly.