[Welcome] New Members for February 8, 2013

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Please welcome our newest members…

Dawn M Berguson
New Smyrna Beach, Florida. USA

I am a quaderpeligic that works with Glass, cooper, steel and my
passion is Art

Pete Lange
Seattle, USA

Retired owner of a scrimshaw and jewelry manufacturing company, now
involved with creating one of a kind jewelry art pieces using
fabrication some casting and ancient ivory scrimshaw. Special
interest in engraving, keum boo, casting and art jewelry in general.

Ivy Zenna Labrant
Gresham, OR. USA

I’m a craft jeweler/artist. Since I need to work to live at this
point, my output is low, but I consistently study and practice to
learn new techniques. I’m looking at Retirement a few years down the
road and looking forward to an expansion in my time to work on what
I love.

My husband is retired, and we are hoping to get into a bit of rock
hounding to increase my raw material base.


Carina Pope
Tenterden, Kent. UK

Undergraduate art student focusing on jewellery making, illustration
and craft. Looking for internships, volunteering and participating
in collaborative briefs.

Kimberley Grasing
Monroe, NY. USA

I am a self taught jewelry designer and metalsmith. I need to get
off my rear and get my website and Etsy shop up and running. :slight_smile: And.
I am very interested in learning as much as I can from all the
seasoned professionals on this forum.

David Gregory
Warren, Ohio. USA

Hello All! My name is David Gregory but those that know me call me
Angus. I have been a medieval, fantasy, steampunk and scifi
blacksmith, jeweler and leather worker for the past 13 years. In
jewelry I mostly work in brass, copper and nickel. My favorite non
ferrous metal to work in is silver. I just can not seem to find the
people who are willing to pay the prices for it.

I am a disabled veteran who is currently working on rebuilding a
business that almost died with the economy.

Most of my tools and equipment are improvised and or 13+ years old.
One customer commented that my tools looked medieval.

I am trying to get into arts and crafts fairs and shows to figure out
what “normal” people are looking for! I am finding that the
medieval/fantasy market is inundated with mass produced and import
products so heavily that people want artisans to match prices on
handmade with mass produced! Thus why I am rebuilding! I hope I can
learn some new things here as well as, maybe, throw my 2 cents in
once in a while! Thanks for Reading, Black Angus (David A. Gregory)

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