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[Welcome] New Members for February 8, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Sara Pancoast
Rochester, NY. USA

I earned my BFA in Metals and Jewelry Design from Rochester
Institute of Technology in 2008. I have worked at a jewelery
manufacturer since June 08, but am now avidly pursuing an
apprenticeship to further my skills.

Leslie Anne Ligon
At First Sight
Denton, TX. USA

I’m a jewelry artist influenced by dance and beadwork, and though
I’ve been making jewelry since I was a young girl, I’ve also studied
metals for several years with a few fantastic teachers. When I
design a piece, I suppose because of my dance background, I’m always
thinking about the movement inherent in it.

Since 2001, my designs, for the most part, feature braille, which is
aesthetically pleasing to me and has lots of movement! I’m compelled
to make jewelry with braille on it because my older son, now 13, is
blind. When my husband and I found out that as few as 10 percent of
people who are blind actually learn to read braille, I wanted to
raise that percentage by featuring braille on jewelry that anyone
might want to wear in hopes of raising awareness of braille’s

I’m continually using different techniques I’ve learned so my
jewelry designs stay fresh. Fold forming is one I’m currently
working with more, now. I’m also happy to see the resurgence of
vintage fashion jewelry, found objects, and the incorporation of
Victorian-influenced, “Steampunk” style into newer trends.

Stephen Mazzarella
Denver, CO. USA

I am marketer of jewelry. I have subscribed before. Everytime I need
to get more jewelry making related stimulation. Thank you…

Sandy Seastrom
Greenbrier, USA

I have been in the jewelry business for 25 years. Like some people I
didn’t know a thing about jewelry until I got a job in a mom and pop
store. Started by learning and selling the jewelry, but kept peeking
over the jewelers shoulder. I found it very facinating so I took a 2
week intro class and well the rest is history.

I do mostly repair work, but have assembled some custom pieces and
am attempting wax carving. That area just totally blows my mind, how
a person take a piece of wax and make it into an intricate piece of
work is beyond me, but I am willing to learn.

I have struggled with who I am and what I wanted to do for several
years and I have finally concluded this is who I am and I’m going to
make the best of it. I currently work in 2 stores and have a bench
set up at home. It’s been in my blood for so long now I can’t get it
out. So look out jewelry I am here to stay.

Susan Conta
Anacortes, WA. USA

Started to learn art jewelry silversmithing in a Southern California
public high school…about 1968. Continued on my own voraciously
reading livrary books especially discards which contained "archaic"
info which to me was precious…‘old school’ as the skaters and
rockers would say. I revere the old school and embrace the
innovations of today, as well. Prefer fabrication…slower but more
immediate and tactile to me. Self study in metals etching for the
last 20 years. Classes with Orville Chatt late 1970’s and 1983 at
Skagit Valley College solidified my love of design and
metals…Preference to create narrative jewelry with found objects,
combine techniques of etching, fabrication, stone, fossil, carving
and riveting etc…Recently attended fabulous masters symposia @
Revere Academy in San Francisco…fabulous. (Harlan W. Butt, James
Carter, Bernd Munsteiner, Jean Stark) How fortunate I am…how
interesting it is to create beautiful objects.

Laura Preshong
Laura Preshong Gallery
Boston, MA. USA

A 20 year veteran to the jewelry design and manufacturing trade.
Educated at The Portland School of Art, ran a successful glass
jewelry line called Umbilical Glass for 15 years and now have a
bricks and mortar gallery in the South End of Boston, Laura Preshong

Dale Suzanne Salmon
Charlottesville, VA. USA

I am an amature jewelry designer and maker of creative jewelry using
many different media. I am anxious to continue to learn in many
areas and am looking forward to the benefit of my colleagues’

Fredie Hernandez
FH Creations Inc
Brooklyn, NY. USA


I am a jeweler with over 25 years of experience. In March, I will
launch my website I would like to continue to grow,
learn and connect with other jewelers to enhance my knowledge in
business through Ganoksin. Regards, Fred…