[Welcome] New Members for February 6, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Julie Luedtke
Wheaton, USA

I have been creating jewelry since I was in high school. I am also a
painter. I love to get in my studio and create new art. I have some
of my work in a gallery in the Chicago area and enjoy working and
sharing with other artisans.

Ancy Linsley
Wolcott, VT. USA

I’m an amateur who’s been working with wire, mostly sterling and a
little copper, for several years, and I’m now branching into copper
sheet. I just got over my reluctance to use a torch by starting with
annealing some wire over my gas cook stove, and now I’m fearlessly
using a propane or butane torch for annealing. Experimenting with
fold forming, and have made some interesting stuff so far. I just
love it!

Susan Wells
Portland, OR. USA

Self taught jeweler.