[Welcome] New Members for February 6, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Linda Blaine
San Francisco, CA. USA

I am a beginner metalsmith at this point mostly self taught. I have
taken a couple of classes to learn how to solder and other really
basic things but the rest I am trying to figure out for myself. My
day job doesn’t give me a lot of time. I also love gardening,
cooking and my 3 cats and, oh, my husband. I have made things from
fabric, yarn, wood and clay my whole life. Metal is a very different
experience. I love it.

Jean Petree
Brookline, MA. USA

I’m interested in making jewelry, and in testing for cadmium in

Caedmon Irias
Sacramento, USA

I’m trying to learn by reading and doing how to fabricate various
small items using metal and stone. Just getting started and looking
forward to learning from many mistakes, but really hoping none of
them involve grievous bodily harm or burning down the house.

Robin Ann Johnston
Divine Depth Designs
Irving, TX. USA

I’m a middle aged woman with young dreams and an old soul. I work in
wire and beads, polymer clay, and textiles. My dream is to learn
silversmithing. I loved the one time I got to work with PMC!! I also
dabble in other crafts like sewing, painting, stamping, and papier
mache. I love to learn.

Alex Ashley
Celestial Alchemy
Waukesha, WI. USA


I am a self-taught artist exploring many facets of jewelry making,
most recently focusing on silversmithing, PMC and polymer clay.