[Welcome] New Members for February 5, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

David Wendelken
Fayetteville, NC. USA

I’m a novice at making metal jewelry with a particular interest in
reproducing Medieval and Ancient jewelry pieces.

Laurel Imogen
Sydney, Australia

I’m an artist living in Sydney, Australia. I’m into jewelery making,
especially with pearls, but I love vintage glass beads too and
crystal. Other stuff I dabble in -watercolours, charcoal, embroidery,
quilting. I also have a penchant for buying murano glass
paperweights on ebay. I leave the house sometimes to go to uni and
feast on sashimi.

Krist Bowman
Snohomish, WA. USA

I’ve mainly been working with Precious Metal Clay for the last
couple of years, with some metalsmithing here and there. I’m always
looking for ways to learn more about anything and everything in the
jewelry world.

Syed Faizyab Ahmed
Karachi, Pakistan

I am gemstones wholesaler