[Welcome] New Members for February 5, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Myra Rothman
AZ Buffalobreath Ventures Inc
Williams, AZ. USA

Just starting out in the jewelry business. I am so glad to have
found your site! Hope to have to contribute myself soon.

Lauren Fischesser
Lake Park, FL. USA

I am an RN Manager whose passion is working with metals. My dream is
to be able to make jewelry every day, but because of my job, I can
only work at the bench on the weekends. It is wonderful to be able
to recharge my batteries in my studio after a grueling week of
dealing with patients and employees.

Delores Highsmith
Richardson, TX. USA

Glass bead maker, Art Clay Silver Senior Instructor, traditional
silver jewelry fabrication, bronze clay instructor

Marie Grace Willett
Orchard Park, USA

Good Morning, I live in Buffalo and have been creating with one
medium or another since childhood. Currently, I am fusing glass and
designing wedding jewelry. Thank you for allowing me to join. I hope
I can be an active member. Marie

Laura Gravestock
London, UK

I am a jeweller based in London. I have been working for about 2
years, making my own pieces and helping other jewellers with their