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[Welcome] New Members for February 3, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Maura P
Fremont, CA. USA

Newbie to metal work - loving this play. I’ve worked with food as a
chef, clay as a potter and houses as a renovator. Jewelry provides a
vehicle for creativity on a smaller scale with materials repurposed
into wearable art. Let the fun continue.

Sally Fedigan
Bella Beaded Designs
Plano, TX. USA

I am a jewelry designer/maker who started creating jewelry as a teen
and actively started designing and making jewelry in 1995. I started
selling my creations in 2004 and have expanded my skills thru
multiple classes and workshops in the Dallas area.

Bruce C Wilson
Bruce Wilson Designing Jeweller
West Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada

I am an independent designer/goldsmith with 35 years experience. My
former years were as an employee of Swiss jewellers and so I adopted
their standard of clean,hand constructed jewellery making. I have
enjoyed being an independent goldsmith for the past 13 years but
after hearing about Ganoksin from a colleague I look forward to a
sharing of knowledge. I am finding a need here at the peek period of
my career a need to adapt to the currant trends and hope to have
help with this here at Ganoksin. cheers, Bruce Wilson

Ashley Diana Wright
Mount vernon, WA. USA

I love twilight, and flowers!

Galina Hvedchik
Rovenky, Lugansk. Ukraine

I am home based computer graphics designer with more than three
years experience in creating jewelry and accessories of quality in
concept and realization. am currently offering online CAD services
to jewelry manufacturers. By submitting your own drawing or sketch,
or from my design service, I will turn a design into a
computer-generated 3D model. You’ll see exactly how your jewelry
will look before a prototype is produced in metal. Like conventional
goldsmith, the parts that make up the jewelry are constructed
separately, and you will be delivered photo-realistic JPEG images
and STL files by of the different parts ready to be output on
prototype machine. Check out my work at:

Calvin Merrick
Lawrenceville, GA. USA

I recently started selling jewelry making supplies after I got
interested in jewelry design. Unfortunately, I did not have all
funds needed for the type software and tools required to pursue the
type modeling and designing I wanted to do.

So I figured… why let the source supplier contacts I accumulated
go to waste. I started buying stock and now on my way to building a
useful resource for other jewelry makers and designers.

Add the store to your favorites and watch it grow week by week.
Hopefully, in the near future, I can also provide you with some
great jewelry creations.