[Welcome] New Members for February 28, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Monica J Kaufman
Indianapolis, IN. USA

I am a beginner jewelry maker. I took a couple of classes in college
(almost 15 years ago) and am just now getting back into making
things. I am expiramenting with copper at this point, but have
experience working with silver and brass as well. I look forward to
being part of this community and sharing ideas and getting feedback.

Stephanie Lynn Distler
Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania. USA

I have those stories of selling simple knotted jewelry, when I was
7, using Antique Millefiori Murrine Venetian glass trade beads. and
also digging in my Mom’s jewelry box. All of us that cannot get
jewelry designing out of our brains have those stories for it is in
us needing to spill out onto the work surface. My favorite aspect of
creating wearable art is working with metal. I love metal in all
forms from antique tools to the finest filigree, it all draws me in.

I did have a gallery for 6 years with also being involved on art
related or town related committees and boards. I never understood
why artists became so reclusive until I left everything and attached
myself more to private moments and the garden studio. I was pulled
everywhere before and now I can wrap my head around the process of
being an artist which is a pretty fabulous thing.

I love my job!

Leigh H Keenan
Arlington, MA. USA

Jewelry has been my main focus of interest for a very long time. I
have taken many classes in metalsmithing, lampworking and other
craft related classes. I have done many shows and had my work shown
in shops. I am always looking to further my knowledge in the jewelry
feild. I look forward to connecting with other like minded souls.

Harry David Mackie
Palatine, Illinois. USA

I Studied jewelry with Phillip Fike, receiving a degree in Fine Arts
from Wayne State University (Detroit) in 1960. I have been a full
time jeweller since 1992. I and my wife/partner, BJ, focus primarily
on one of kind fabricated and cast designs in Argentium and 14k
gold, featuring unusually formed mabe or blister pearls and natural
stones. We market through Art Festivals and a limited number of