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Nicholas Viarengo
Rindge, New Hampshire. USA

I am an ambitious college student, going for a Bachelor’s in
Business Management, and am trying to find the career for me. I have
been working in the food service industry for the past 6 years and
have found myself burnt out and not loving what I do. I came to this
website seeking the knowledge I would need to start making jewelry.
My mother would make her own beaded jewelry when I was a child and I
have always remembered fondly the time I spent watching her make
them. I wish to learn how to make the types of jewelry that will
make my mom smile when she sees what I have accomplished! I hope to
make a new network of friends here and can’t wait to get started!

Adrienne Reaburn
Woodstock, Ontario. Canada

I am an 18 year old small business owner. I make my own jewelry and
sell it at heartfeltjewels. ca as well as local events in south
western ontario.

Barbara J Russell
Evansville, IN. USA

Long time soap maker just getting into working with metal and wire.

Marty David Reynard
Denman Island, B.C., Canada

I have been a jewelry artist for decades, working in many materials,
with a particularly interest in mixed metal designs and joining
techniques. While working in traditional metals, the bulk of the
work I do is with some of the lesser used metals in the field, such
as extensive work in copper/sterl ing and especially
titanium/sterling designs. Rather than impose an idea upon the metal
I find it far more interesting to work with a looser idea of the
piece, allowing the materials themselves to often suggest what
direction to go in. Somehow these experiments so very often wind up
to be amonst th e most interesting pieces. With the field of what is
called “jewelry” (that huge elephant!) I find a micro-universe of
never ending exploration and surprise. I remember the sculptor David
Smith once commenting on his work, saying “Oh, how long does it take
for crudities to become beauties.” Its a l ovely way of looking at
what we do in this field. For a piece that arouses huge "curiosity"
can quickly become beautiful to the viewer. I must be some kind of
animist as I thank the untold thousands of individuals who created
the many tools in my studio and whatever forces endowed me with the
huge passion that I have for this field and which has enriched my
life for ever so long. We who get to “play” for a living are truly
blessed with a precious gift. It is nothing but sheer magic that our
own concepts of what is interesting tend to resonate with the
countless people who purchase our work. How that happens is a pure
mystery and one that does not disappear. We are the fortunate ones
and with that comes the responsibility to push ourselves further and
further all of the time…

ME Willig-Wang
Springfield, USA

Hi. I am and I still think I am new to this field. There are so many
directions to go and so many aspects to focus upon where “Jewelry
Artist” is really a non specific term. I began my work wearing a
headlight and beading in the dark. literally; for safety I sat at
night with head injury pat ients. My work emphasized; shapes,
contrast of small to large and some color blending.

I had one silversmithing class then 7 years of practice. Repair
restring etc. Currently I solder prong, bezel set Faceted and Cab.
gemstones onto Vintage jewelry. Embellished with Argentium sets(Rio)
Earrings and Pendants using re-purposed metals. My style is to make
a piece of jewelry with its’ o wn organic feeling. Thank you all for
listening. (M. Elaine)

Aaron Hockerday
Cornwall. UK

We are a friendly family run jewellery business based in the
historic village of Tintagel, North Cornwall. We specialise in
antique and vintage jewellery and in particular Art Deco Rings but
we have a very wide range of stock and repair and restore jewellery
from all periods in history.

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