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[Welcome] New Members for February 28, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Anne Nishioka
Stockton, CA. USA

I am a fellow lapidarian who has done some cabbing, lot’s of beading
(since 2000), some silver smithing as well as a lot of lost wax
casting. Learned how to steam cast making my own kiln using a flower
pot covered with heavy duty tin foil and an electric hot plate. The
steam is created using a tuna can with wet paper towels. Map gas is
used to melt the silver. I think there is directions somewhere on

Edmond Paul Kida
Augusta, Georgia. USA

I am a musician that has been watching my girlfriend make jewelry
for a while and now wants to create the stones used in this process.
No, I’m not good with solder and have been told by both of my ex
wives to leave sharp instruments and hot things alone.

Dusty Brown
Dusty Brown Jewelry & Style
Murfreesboro, TN. USA

Dusty Brown’s jewelry line is known for unique beads combinations,
hand picked and placed to form original beaded necklaces, bracelets
and sterling silver earrings. Antique keys, watches and lockets
adorn sterling silver chains, complimented by beautiful glass and
gemstone beads. The buzz about Dustys work is overwhelmingly
positive. The color combinations and varying materials set the
jewelry line apart, and customers can spot a Dusty Brown piece when
they see it.

Dusty Brown is a stay-at-home momma to Miles and Lola with a degree
in journalism. She also happens to be a jewelry designer, a
published feature writer, a marketing & public relations specialist,
an incredibly avid reader and a scottie dog owner. Dusty Brown is
also the “D” in [DP]Success, a creative design firm founded by her
super talented graphic designer & fine artist husband, Phillip

Donald R Stromberg
Stromberg Designs
Laredo, TX. USA

I design and produce one of a kind jewelry. My studio/workshop is in
Old Mexico on the shore of Lake Chapala.

Russell O’Brien
Coromandel Valley, South Australia

Presently a jewellery student. I have wide ranging interests which
include metal forming/silversmithing.