[Welcome] New Members for February 26, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Nancy Oatley
Ann Arbor, Michigan. USA

I am a beginning hobbyist metalworker

Jim Turner
Turner Jewelers
Allison Park, PA. USA


Hi! I am an old Orchid member that has strayed away…and now I am
back! I am a gold and silver smith, and a gemologist in the
Pittsburgh PA area.

Subomi Tayo Okhueleigbe
Subzyelesho intl ltd
Lagos, Nigeria


Hello all, My name is Subomi from Nigeria. I love to make jewelry, i
do beading, wirework, chainmaille, pmc and metalsmithing. I love to
learn anything that has to do with jewelry making. I have been
learning through books and videos. Victoria Lansford introduced me
to this group and i hope to meet others and learn from here too. I
wld also like to know if there is anyone from Nigeria here. Thank

Lars Dahlberg

Hi, I’m an Swedish amateur silversmith (currently dormant) that want
to get started again. I was a member of the Orchid network until
2005 when I packed my tools down and moved abroad (to the
Philippines). Now back home after 5+ years (Philippines, Egypt& UAE)
the urge to create is slowly making it self reminded again.

Will be nice to see if any of the frequent posters from late
90-ie/early 20-hundreds are still around…

The Orchid site looks slightly different but I assume the folks are
just as lovely still…

Looking forward to my daily Orchid-fix :slight_smile: /Lars

Nancy Klotz
New York, NY. USA

independent jewelry designer


Many of us Orchid loyalists are happily still around reading and
posting. Welcome back.