[Welcome] New Members for February 26, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

William Hansel
Canton, Ohio. USA

Just your above average guy, who likes to get busy walking the
dinosaur once in a while.

Sue Lawrence Nester
Newport, NC. USA

I am a self taught wire worker and metalsmith. I have been
manipulating metal for about 8 years now. I have just juried into 2
local galleries and am excited about this new aspect of selling my

Jo Hollingsworth
i dream i can fly
San Diego, CA. USA

I am a metalsmith, photographer, and sculptor based in San Diego,
California. These days I spend my time doing everything from jewelry
design to metalsmithing to photography to marketing to customer
service. There’s not a lot of chance to get bored in this business,
and there’s always a new technique to learn. I’ve recently picked up
wax carving, which ties in nicely with my background in sculpting.
So keep an eye on my shop - some new cast pieces will be showing up

I’ve lived all over the United States as well as in Germany and
Canada, and my husband is from England and has lived in more
countries than I have. We both love to travel. I think my favorite
trip to date was spending Chinese New Year in Shanghai, China,
although hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru was
fantastic. Currently we’re settled in a loft in San Diego, where I
hang out all day in my studio with my two dogs.

Ken Bowers
New Orleans, LA. USA

I am a working bench jeweler with 38 years experience. I work
primarily with antique and estate jewelry, but I also create custom

Ryan Bowen
Sydney, NSW. Australia

master lapidary, extensive bench knowledge, opal carver and cutter,
intarsia expert… wax carving is my thing at the moment

Sherry Tucker
Phenix City, AL. USA

I work in silver and copper (not confident enough to even THINK
about working with gold). I don’t “bead” (nothing against it, I just
prefer metals), but I do use gemstones on occasion. I’ve done a bit
of chainmaille, but find it too monotonous.

Other hobbies include bookbinding, stained glass, casting (not
metal), painting, and woodworking, and playing guitar.