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[Welcome] New Members for February 26, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Diane M. Bryant
Bryant Designs and Fine Jewelry
Phoenix, AZ. USA

I am a jeweler and designer. I love every day at the bench, as each
day is a wonderful learning experience.

Diane J Kramer
Diane Kramer LLC
Muskego, WI. USA

I am a new person to the field and would like to be able to express
the creativity that has been suppressed since I was a teen. I have
always wanted to explore new forms of art and jewelry. I hope that
joining will bring new, innovative ideas to me and that I may have
some ideas to share with others.

Susan M Baich
Cedarburg, WI. USA

I am working towards my GG and I also am working on the bench work
side of my jewelry studies. I work in precious metals and do as much
of my own fabrication as possible and I enjoy enameling. I would say
enameling is my favorite medium at this point in time. I also love
to take as many working seminars as possible. I am in the process of
setting up my own studio at home. I also love to flush mount

Jon Lovegren
San Diego, USA

Lapidary since 2003. Silversmith since 2004

Tim D Call
Hudson, USA

Bench Man