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Jan M Chase
Hockley, Texas. USA, 77447

I am just starting to come into my own as a bench jeweler/
silversmith. About a year and a half ago, I decided to bite the
bullet, and do what I have dreamed of doing all my life. make
jewelry. With very limited schooling available in the Houston area, I
researched Google, YouTube, and and a couple of really great books.
These provided me with the knowledge and courage to begin my quest
for jewelry expressionism. Although I still have SO very much more to
learn, I am growing daily and know that ALL the hard work, sweat and
the many mistakes I make along the way will make me the best ben ch
jeweler/ silversmith that I can possibly be. The Ganoksin Project has
given me much knowledge. I appreciate all the talented and wonderful
jewelers who take the time to teach your skills to any who want to
learn. Thanks!

Doug Acton
Richmond, ON.Canada

Hi, i’m new to metalsmithing, just setting up my shop now.

Phil Herren
Lawrenceville, Georgia. USA

I moved and could find a way to change my email address, so I’m
signing up again.

Nancy Lee Dunn
North Creek, New York. USA

I am a new silversmith, and I joined to read and learn as much as I

Thomas E Kruskal
Somerville, MA. USA

I’m a jewelry designer and manufacturer.

Qamar ur Rehman
Karachi, Pakistan

Designing is an art. I am struggling from dusk to dawn to give my
best. Because strugling is the key to success, and I believe
everyone must share knowledge and I believe in sharing

Diana Cook
Pagosa Springs, Colorado. USA

I’m a new jewelry artist, interested in bench tips and new ideas. I
work mostly in silver and found materials, and love all the
and training I can get through more experienced bench
jewelery artists.

Dirk Echoltze
Shelter Cove, California. USA

I have been a jeweler since about 14 or 15 years of age. I have done
one apprenticeship as a blacksmith and two as a jeweler. One was an
apprenticeship at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. I ran my own
jewelry business for almost 14 years and after a hiatus from jewelry
of about 10 years I am returning to the craft. I specialized in
reproductions or pieces made in the “styles” of antique (Deco, Arte
Nouveau and Victorian), Medieval and Ancient. As a practitioner of
these styles I have along the way become a bit of a “jewelry

Kris Haff
Idaho Falls, ID. USA

Not much to say, yet. I’m a newbie having a great time learning and
exploring. Thanks for such a wonderful resource!

Anne Yang
Studio City, CA. USA

Jewelry designer

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