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[Welcome] New Members for February 25, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Astrid Pyrko
London, UK,

Collastro jewellery and accessories are designed and made entirely
by Astrid in her London workshop. As a self-taught jewellery and
leather accessories designer / maker Astrid explores and experiments
with various jewellery and leatherworking techniques.

Collastro was launched in 2008. It produces several collections each
year, consisting of handcrafted, original jewellery and accessories,
which exist only in very limited editions.

The spirit of Collastro is collaborative " inspiration often comes
from exchange of ideas with creative individuals from disciplines
outside of jewellery. The philosophy of Collastro is experimental,
vibrant and versatile.

When I design my collections, colour and impact are very important.
I like creating pieces that could totally transform even the
simplest outfit into something truly spectacular. I’m also attracted
to clean lines and geometrical shapes and a lot of inspiration comes
from graphic design, architec ture and sculpture.

Astrid, Collastro, London 2009

Bruno Giordan
Brescia, Italy

I’m a researcher studying ancient euroepan weapons and armour.

So jewelry is of interest to me as weapons were often engraved,
furnished with stones, inlaid, gilt etc.

As I’m also involved in archeo-reconstruction I have a keen interest
in matters related to the art of casting ( lost-wax techniques etc).


Dan N Wing
Wagner Jewelers
Stanwood, Washington. USA

Im a master jeweler of over 33 years. I started jewelery when I was
16 years old. I specialize in exotic or contemporary customs in
silver and gold, designs, and repair.

For custom inquiries contact me at Dans_Magic at hotmail dot com
Thanks for dropping by!

Cindy L Hoover
at fallen leaf creek - cindy hoo
Paradise, California. USA

An attraction for rustic, earthy, organic “things” I’ve followed my
bliss after losing my job to off shore outsourcing. A journey that
has proven I am truly where I’m supposed to be.

My pieces consist of homegrown glass beads that were inspired by
Native American beads found in the mountains of our community and
hand wrought silver.

I look forward to growth in my this creative journey.

Peggy H Nobles
Designs By Peggy
Winterville, NC. USA

My husband and I are enjoying retirement. I have been making my
custom jewelry since 2005. I enjoy setting at my work table and
create. Time sure goes by. I am always looking for new styles and
designs. I enjoy reading and I am not picky about what I read. I
have been using my compute to enhance my jewelry business and to find
designer beads Anyboy has any clue please let me know. I make 24K
gold filled beaded jewelry with czech crystals. I have also been
experimenting with the czech crystals making designer bracelets.

Darcy Shepherd
Reston, Virginia. USA

Jewelry designer who is interested in learning about
stone-setting… and more. :slight_smile:

Monica Hansmeyer
Turtle River, MN. USA

I make nice things that people like to wear out of silver, gold, and
stones. The name of my business is Seven Sister Design.

Sally Wade
Sally Wade Works
Tyler, Texas. USA

Fabricating silver jewelry full time replaced many years of drawing
and painting portraits, teaching art, and being mom to three boys.
Having become burned out with the customer driven aspect of
portraiture, I began blending jewelry making with portraiture about
20 years ago to give me a truly creative outlet. I began producing
enough inventory to participate in juried art shows about five years
ago. My husband is my “roadie” as we travel to approximately 30 shows
each year. We live on 20 acres with two horses, a dog and a cat. The
dog, Rip, travels with us and family and friends care for the horses,
cat and mowing while we’re gone. It’s always a joy to get back home
after several shows.

Charles E Richards
C&D Jewelry
Jefferson City, MO. USA

My wife Debbie and myself have been making jewelry since 1999. We
also work otherwise as we grow our business. We find the making of
jewelry as something we enjoy doing together (awww). We are always
looking for ways to improve the business. I do the metal smithing and
stone cutting and she does the bead work and she is very good

Bari Sodikoff
Minnetonka, MN. USA

I am jewelry artist.

Warren Rees Woodward
Woodys Jewelry
Tallahassee, Florida. USA

I started making jewelry in 1981 by soldering small gold nuggets on
Sterling 1/2 rd.stock, then moved on to custom casting,
hand-engraved Silver and opal creations. A lot of my work has been
sizings and repairs, with saddle silver also included. I recently
relocated from Oregon to Florida and am hoping to be working again