[Welcome] New Members for February 23, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Kempton F. Philbrook
Ballistic Fluid Technologies, LLC
Lyndeborough, New Hampshire. USA


My name is Kempton Philbrook and I am the founder and owner of
Ballistic Fluid Technologies, LLC in Lyndeborough, NH, 03082, USA. I
am and have been involved in the 3 Dimensional printing industry
since the early ninies, that is nineteen ninies, since myself and two
others co-invented the Sanders Prototype Ink Jet based 3D printing
technology. This led to the development of the current company known
today as Solidscape, Inc. Ballistic Fluid Technologies, LLC provides
print head repair and replacement services, heated line repair and
replacement services, and build and support materials for use in any
of the lines of 3D printers that have evolved from the original
Sanders Prototype Inc, technology. This includes those printers also
developed by Sanders Design International known as RTM, 20/20/ and
Bigfoot. I am co-patent holder on 2 of the current patents used by
Solidscape, Inc, M errimack, NH.

Kathleen Short
State College, PA. USA

I recently finished my undergrad in art and am always up for
expanding my knowledge in metalsmithing. I have a new love of
casting and am working on some projects despite my limited access to
equipment and tools. I hope to gain more in this area to
help me in completing these pieces and making them look awesome.

Jess Chen
Shanghai, China

Loves jeweleries

Deb Smith
Auburn, USA

I am exploring metal jewelry and am interesting in metalsmithing